Belle Roth explores human interconnection through her use of color, light, and architectural influences. Roth's compositions are rooted in abstraction; deconstructed forms are unearthed and highlighted by both line and shape that coincide with shimmering gold, neutral color fields, and vibrant accent hues.

In Roth’s Memphis, Tennessee studio, process and media are fortified by 20th-century abstract expressionist vernacular, and impressions from her Philippines upbringing, travels, and interactions with diverse cultures. Roth varies structures of golden noble metals and contrasting black that symbolize memories of the class divide she witnessed. Simultaneously, her work glistens with hopeful societal transformation. Her earth-toned color palette is reminiscent of sources from which building materials are mined and on which home and hearth stand. 

Layers of texturized acrylic, spray paint, and gold leaf are vigorously applied using different techniques, promoting participation in joyous unexplored opportunities. Roth measures powerful narratives of family, community, equality, overcoming adversity, and collective capabilities with hopes of sharing her perspective in the pursuit of a better world. 



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